Memberships are now open for 2019.   The FSAT membership year runs from January through to December.  Information regarding memberships is below.

To join or renew your membership, click here.

Membership Fees:

  • AUSSIE SKATE $60 (for those competing in Aussie Skate divisions only)
  • FULL $85.00 (over 18) includes $60 FSAT fees plus $25 ISA Insurance
  • JUNIOR $85.00 (under 18) includes $60 FSAT fees plus $25 ISA Insurance
  • FAMILY  $79.00 (per member, for 2 or more members of the same family) $54 FSAT fees (10% discount) plus $25 ISA Insurance
  • INTERIM PRO-RATA (NEW members only) $6 per month Pro-rata from April to December 2018, plus $25 ISA Insurance (new members joining March or prior please select one of the above options)
  • ASSOCIATE $0.00 (for non-skating members, Honourary committee, Life Members, Officials)
  • COACH $30 (non-skating) FSAT fees only.  Must be a current fully Accredited APSA member


  1. Please enter the member’s email address as one which you would prefer to receive all communication from FSAT (i.e. that of a parent/guardian if skater is under 18). Email is FSAT’s primary form of communication.
  2. Forms must be completed in the member’s name (ie the skater’s name even if they are under 18).
  3. If you are the parent/guardian of a member under 18 years you are a member by proxy, and will need to enter your details, eg mobile phone number and email address, and must also complete the waiver as part of tyhis registration.
  4. FAMILY memberships MUST be from the same immediate family, one form must be completed PER family member.
  5. NEW members joining from April onwards must select INTERIM Membership, and then add the pro-rata $6 for each month remaining of the calendar year in the Optional Items section of page 3.