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2018 States and Artistic Competition

2018 State Championship Competitions, Officials, Coaches and PhotographerGroup Photo TSC

Artistic CompetitorsArtistic Competition

This year the 2018 States and Artistic Competitions were held on the same weekend.  Both were small competitions but all the skaters put their best skate forward and we saw some great performances.  For some it was their first State competition and it was encouraging for the sport in Tasmania to see some new faces performing on the ice and producing very entertaining programs.

ComputersAfter a number of years of running the International Judging System (IJS) on one laptop, the club recently purchased new laptops and for the first time we had a full judging system.  This enabled the event to run very smoothly and produce results quickly.  This system will be an invaluable resource for running events in future.

Thank you to all the volunteers for making the event a success.  Special thanks to Abby Gentile on being a super Competition Convenor and doing a fantastic job at bringing it all together.

The results for both Artistic and State Championship events can be found here.

Tasmanian State Championships 2017

Basic 2:
1st Olivia Rayner
2nd Lada Lynch
Novice 1:
1st Mia Backhouse
2nd Sienna Hoare
Freeskate 2:
1st Emma O’Grady
Preliminary Ladies:
1st Eleanor Jetson
Elementary Ladies:
1st Alyssa Haremza
2nd Kimberly Gentile
Elementary Men:
1st Keelan Law
Basic Novice A Ladies:
1st Macy Wallis
Basic Novice B Ladies:
1st Anne Smith
Intermediate Ladies:
1st Amy Pailthorpe
Adult Silver Ladies:
1st Chloe Anderson

49th Hollins 2017

A huge congratulations to all of our skaters that attended Hollins Trophy in Sydney. All skaters were outstanding and we are sincerly proud of you all

Eleanor Jetson – (Preliminary) – 17th place
Alyssa Haremza (Elementary) – 14th place
Kimberly Gentile (Elementary) – 16th place
Macy Wallis (Basic Novice A) – 18th place
Anne Smith (Basic Novice B) – 10th place
Amy Pailthorpe (Intermediate) – 3rd place